Absence Management

Absence management can be a huge concern for businesses. Certain employees may be having too much time off sick or there may be issues with an employee who has been off sick for a long time, with no sign of a return. These issues can and must be tackled not only for commercial reasons, but also to counteract the negative affect the absences are likely to have on the employees who are at work.

One of the important parts of dealing with any kind of absence is adopting the appropriate procedure. For example, dealing with an employee who is genuinely ill and has been away from work for some time, should be dealt with differently as compared to an employee who is off sick, often, for short periods of time. An employee who tends to call in sick regularly may be guilty of misconduct or the root causes of the absence may be child care issues, for example.

At ConwayMcColl Solicitors, we will provide robust advice as to how to deal with these issues properly and promptly, taking into account the circumstances. We can provide you with the appropriate letters to go to the employee, GP’s or other medical experts where appropriate.

In terms of prevention, we can draft appropriate policies to be included in an employee handbook, which will clearly set out the rules and standards of the business. Employment Tribunal proceedings can be time consuming, worrying and costly in terms of ‘witnesses’ being away from the work place. Good policies, combined with clear, expert advice can help head off absence related claims.

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