Advice to HR professionals

We work with independent and in-house HR professionals.  These professionals vary from the very experienced and qualified, to those new to the role.

For those HR professionals that are experienced, they value the opportunity to run their thoughts by us to get an independent, impartial opinion on a matter. If a matter becomes litigious the case is then often handed over to us to run in cooperation with the HR professional; this is due to our extensive experience in preparing cases and successfully representing our clients in the Employment Tribunal and other court proceedings.

For those that are new to the role of HR, again we are on hand to advise on procedures, assist and prepare appropriate and timely letters as and when they are required. Procedure is key in employment law

There are also times when we will advise our clients that an independent HR professional should be brought in to deal with a matter, for example if an investigation is required. By doing this our client is better protected and we can oversee the matter without compromising our client as their legal adviser. Our HR contacts are also expert in recruitment and talent management, in these areas we defer to their specialist expertise.

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