Disciplinary Procedures

When a disciplinary matter arises, it is vital to ensure it is investigated; that the appropriate timescales are followed; that the correct paperwork is collated; and that the correct letters are issued. Failure for businesses to conduct disciplinary matters properly can result in a disillusioned workforce leading to staff turnover and the associated costs, right through to potential unfair/constructive dismissal claims and additional compensation. On the other hand, if carried out properly, a disciplinary can allow for an employee to understand the error or shortcoming and become a valuable member of staff.

A good disciplinary procedure should be based on the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

At ConwayMcColl Solicitors, we can provide you with precedent letters and either draft them on your behalf or simply assist you. All businesses are different and we are happy to adapt to the way you wish to work.

If you are an employer

We can attend the disciplinary hearings with you to offer both moral and legal support, ensuring fairness for both parties. We have found that employers who do not employ dedicated HR specialists in particular, have found this support helpful.

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