Employment Tribunal Representation

When all else fails, or perhaps before all alternative options have been considered, an employment dispute may result in a claim being made to the Employment Tribunal. Currently, there is no cost for individuals to commence legal proceedings in the Employment Tribunal, although there are plans for this to change.

Whilst the Employment Tribunal is more informal in its approach compared to other types of courts, there are still many procedures and time limits to comply with. At ConwayMcColl we have experience of representing businesses of all sizes and individuals in the various types of hearing that can arise: case management discussions; preliminary hearings; pre-hearing reviews and substantive hearings. We can discuss the process with you, explore the options and represent you throughout the process, from submitting the claim or defence to representation at the Hearing itself. We will discuss with you whether it’s appropriate and/ or cost effective for a barrister to be instructed on your behalf. We have connections with excellent barristers.

Employment Tribunal claims can be very stressful and time consuming, whether you are the Claimant (the individual) or the Respondent (the business). Allow us to take the burden off you.

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