Grievances Procedures

A good grievance procedure should be based on the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. Acas have drafted this guidance based on case law that has evolved over the years.

Following a good grievance procedure can have several benefits: it can resolve a concern an employee has; it can help avoid claims; and ultimately, it can potentially affect the level of compensation, in the event of a claim.

At ConwayMcColl Solicitors, we can provide you with precedent letters and either draft then on your behalf or simply assist you. All businesses are different and we are happy to adapt to the way our clients wish to work.

If you are an employer

We can attend the grievance hearings with you to offer both moral and legal support, ensuring fairness for both parties. We have found that employers who do not employ dedicated HR specialists in particular, have found this support helpful.

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